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WinDeveloper O365 Mailer FREE for 1 Year

Send Mailings from Shared Mailboxes

With O365 Mailer, users can access all mailboxes for which they have Send As permissions. Many organizations create mailboxes dedicated to specific tasks. One mailbox could be dedicated to newsletters, another for sales follow-up etc.

By default mailings are sent from the primary mailbox of the O365 login user. However this can be overridden. From the template editor toolbar just click on the Sender button. At the Mailing Sender dialog click on 'Other mailbox whose email is' and specify the sender address.

Setting email sender

Alternatively we can set the sender from the Mailing Wizard. Just follow the wizard up to the 'Ready to Go' step. At the top we can see who the sender is going to be. Click the Sender button to change the current Sender.

Setting email sender option 2


Troubleshooting - Sending from a Shared Mailbox

When sending a mailing from a Shared Mailbox it is important to make sure that:

  1. The O365 login user has been assigned Send As permissions over the shared mailbox. Verify this by testing email sending from Outlook or OWA.

  2. Following mailbox creation and the assignment of Send As permissions, wait for 1 hour before submitting the first mailing. It is normal for O365 to deny mailbox access to the Mailer during the first hour. This is true even if the mailbox is accessible from Outlook/OWA.

Testing Send As permissions from OWA - Login to OWA using the O365 credentials in use with the O365 Mailer. From the top-right corner, open the account settings and select 'Open another mailbox'. At the dialog that opens, enter the email address of the mailing sender.

Open Mailbox having Send-As Permissions

If the necessary permissions are in place, the mailbox should open. Send a test email and confirm that this is correctly delivered.


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