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11th Jan 2005 - WinDeveloper TNEF View v2.7

A new WinDeveloper TNEF View update was released. This update addresses the need for a simpler interface to quickly access critical message information. Administrators are now able to open and extract body and attachment data without having to browse through the various tree elements. This update is free for all licensed users.

The new update aims to improve ease of use. The viewer re-organizes the tree interface so as the mail body and attachments are immediately available for extraction or opening. Here is the complete list of changes:

  1. The mail body and attachments are available as immediate sub-nodes of the TNEF tree root. This eliminates the need to browse through the tree in order to get to this information.

  2. The mail subject and attachment filenames are now being set as the node names replacing the less intuitive names "Message Attributes" and "Attachment Attributes".

  3. The menu items 'Open Embedded Message' and 'Open Embedded Object' under Tools were replaced by a single menu entry 'Open Attachment...'. Furthermore this option now also permits the opening of normal file attachments.

  4. Various other small UI updates aimed at rendering the interface more intuitive.

Follow this link to download the latest version.


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