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12th Jan 2005 - WinDeveloper Mail Cruncher Consultancy

WinDeveloper is offering Consultancy Services to companies developing software for the Windows platform. With many years of experience, MS Exchange Development is a stronghold of our service, and applications in this area are already on the way.

Mail Cruncher, from FullScaleCommerce, is the latest application being delivered through this service. Mail Cruncher, a new anti-spam service, relies on a "business trust rating" database called the Outbound Index. Emails are sorted based on facts.

Through WinDeveloper, Mail Cruncher will now integrate with MS Exchange. The new MS Exchange product will provide anti-spam protection at an SMTP protocol level. Mails are hence classified immediately before delivery to the server. Follow this link for more details on Mail Cruncher.

Apart for MS Exchange integration, WinDeveloper provides expertise in various other areas. Follow this link to contact WinDeveloper to discuss any projects.


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