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Press Release - Microsoft Exchange Message Recalling Works!

Valletta, Malta - (May 10, 2011) - Message Recalling has a bad reputation in Microsoft Exchange. Too often attempts to block emails sent in error, fail. WinDeveloper Software is set to change all this with their newly released WinDeveloper Message Recall solution.

From Microsoft Outlook, Exchange provides the 'Recall This Message' functionality. Here recall requests are only processed after that the email reaches the recipient's mailbox. Alexander Zammit, WinDeveloper Technical Director, considers this to be far from ideal. "Recalls have to be processed at the server. Today recall attempts are prompting recipients to open the email and spot the error. Indeed once an email reaches the recipient mailbox, it's already too late."

Server side processing allows WinDeveloper to delete emails before reaching their destination. What's best is that this works equally well for all emails, whether these are addressed to local or foreign recipients.

Recalling is most critical when an email is addressed to recipients outside the organization. This is when the native solution lets you down completely. "Errors involving clients or other business contacts are the most embarrassing and potentially damaging", Alexander points out. "Our solution has no difficulty when dealing with foreign recipients."

Surprisingly this functionality is completely transparent to Outlook users. No new software is installed at the client machines. Users still recall messages using the Outlook 'Recall This Message' functionality and they still receive the Success/Failure Notifications they are accustomed to.

To top it off, WinDeveloper Message Recall also includes Archiving of deleted emails and centralized logging of all recall requests. In this manner everything can be centrally monitored.

Licensing is per server without any user limitations. A single server license is priced at USD 290/ EUR 200. Discounts on multiple server licenses are also available.

More information on this release is available from the WinDeveloper web site at From here a 30 day free evaluation version is available for download.

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WinDeveloper Software delivers applications for the Windows platform, specializing in Microsoft Exchange integrated applications. Their product line also includes WinDeveloper IMF Tune, an anti-spam solution that extends the Exchange native anti-spam functionality. For more details, visit our website,

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