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WinDeveloper OWA Recall Extension Released!

We are pleased to announce the final release of WinDeveloper Message Recall v2.0. In this release the star feature is the new OWA Message Recall extension.

Get the latest build from the product download page.

It is now possible to recall emails directly from the MS Exchange Outlook Web Access/App (OWA) interface. This is a significant advancement. So far MS Exchange users could only recall emails sent in error from their MS Office Outlook client. With OWA Recall this functionality is now available to all users whose primary mailbox interface is OWA.

Apart from being able to recall emails directly from their browser, users also benefit from having the WinDeveloper Message Recall Engine handling their recall attempts. Users are able to reliably recall emails sent internally or outside the organization, without the recipients ever knowing.

Here are some screenshots that demonstrate what this extension looks like. The screenshots are from an Exchange 2010 installation, however note that the same is also available for Exchange 2007.

OWA Recall Extension

WinDeveloper Message Recall adds a new icon at the sidebar. Here this is shown at the bottom left corner. Clicking on 'Recall Messages', the OWA Recall interface opens.

OWA Recall Message List

The interface starts by listing the emails under the Sent Items folder. Double clicking an email, opens the 'Recall This Message' dialog.

OWA Recall This Message

From here, clicking the Recall button a Recall request is submitted for processing.

Notice how the 'Recall This Message' dialog also provides a checkbox for requesting notifications on the recall outcome.

Version Information

This information applies to WinDeveloper Message Recall v2.0 build number If already installed you can verify the current build number from the configuration under the Miscellaneous category.


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