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WinDeveloper Message Recall Build

A new WinDeveloper Message Recall build is now available. This includes updates to the Recalling Engine and the OWA Recall extension.


Removed Dependency on .NET 2.0 Framework Service Pack 2

WinDeveloper Message Recall requires the .NET 2.0 Framework to be installed on any server where the Recalling Engine or the OWA Recall extension is installed. The installation script verifies such requirements and prompts for the installation of any missing components.

Unfortunately a dependency on .NET 2.0 Framework Service Pack 2 crept into the Recalling Engine. When this SP was not installed, processing of recall requests failed.

The dependency on SP2 is now removed and the recalling engine will work fine also when this service pack is not installed.


OWA Recall issues with Exchange 2010 Service Pack 3

We identified a problem that occasionally was causing OWA Recall to fail on servers running Exchange 2010 SP3.

On opening OWA Recall, a user is normally presented with the list of sent emails from which to select the email to be recalled. On some servers running Exchange 2010 SP3, users were presented with an empty email list. Thus users couldn't recall emails.

One of the factors triggering this problem was confirmed to be the installation of Exchange 2010 SP3. Thus we recommend all those running WinDeveloper Message Recall with Exchange 2010 to upgrade to the latest build before installing SP3.


Version Information

This information applies to WinDeveloper Message Recall v2.0 build number If already installed you can verify the current build number from the configuration under the Miscellaneous category.


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