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WinDeveloper Message Recall Released!

We are very excited to announce the immediate availability of our new software product, WinDeveloper Message Recall, which dramatically improves the success rate of message recalling.

Recalling messages in Exchange is widely considered to be a hopeless task. You quickly realize how sending a recall request is like telling recipients to open the email and spot the error. So we came up with a completely different approach.

WinDeveloper Message Recall provides you with a time window during which you may recall the message just submitted. The idea is based on the fact that most often a sender realizes that an error was committed as soon as he clicks Send. To better understand how this works check:
Message Recalling Works! Here is how...

So today we have a predictable, reliable solution that dramatically improves the recall success rate. That's not all. The solution works equally well with local and foreign recipients, is completely transparent to Outlook users, provides centralized reporting, archiving of recalled emails, and more. To see how we tackled the weaknesses in native Exchange message recalling from all angles check:
WinDeveloper vs Native Exchange Message Recalling

The product has been tested extensively in-house and at various partner installations. This is allowing us to immediately present you with the final release version. So you can safely go ahead download and install the 30 day evaluation version.

WinDeveloper Message Recall is a 64-bit application supporting MS Exchange versions 2007 and 2010, including Small Business Server SBS installations. Earlier Exchange versions are not supported. The product has to be installed on each Hub Transport server so as to process both internal and outgoing email traffic. As long as you have the correct Exchange version in place you have no additional requirements to worry about.

Licensing is per server. You just need one license for each Hub Transport server where the product is to be installed. We do not perform any sort of user counting. Whether Exchange is servicing tens or thousands of mailboxes it makes no difference. The only relevant fact is the number of Hub Transport Servers.

As usual with WinDeveloper Software products prices are ridiculously low. A single server license is priced at $ 290 / € 200. The price also includes 1 year of Support and Maintenance. Thus all updates released within 1 year are included free of charge.

Version Information

This information applies to WinDeveloper Message Recall v1.0 build number If already installed you can verify the current build number from the configuration under the Miscellaneous category.


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