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WinDeveloper O365 Mailer FREE for 1 Year

Message Recalling Works! Here is how...


How Message Recalling Works
The above animation illustrates how the product works. If no animation is shown, please enable GIF animations at your browser.


WinDeveloper Message Recall dramatically increases your ability to successfully recall emails. Most often you realize of a mistake as soon as you hit the Send button. This is when WinDeveloper Message Recall provides you with a golden opportunity to make things right.

WinDeveloper Message Recall is a server side solution, requiring no new client software. Outlook users submit recall requests using the standard Recall This Message functionality.

WinDeveloper also provides an extension for OWA users, the WinDeveloper OWA Recall extension. This adds the Recall This Message functionality to Outlook Web Access/App, allowing users to submit recall requests straight from their browser.

The WinDeveloper Message Recall engine must be installed on each Exchange 2007/2010 Hub Transport server. This is where recall requests are processed and fulfilled.

When a local user sends an email, WinDeveloper Message Recall holds the email within the transport queue for a preset number of seconds. During this time the user is able to recall the email and WinDeveloper will be able to satisfy the request for all recipients (even foreign recipients). Otherwise if the queue hold time elapses the email is released for final delivery.

From our research, even if emails are held at the queue for as little as 30 seconds you already manage to satisfy a significant number of recall requests. In practice users will very often realize a mistake was committed as soon as they click Send. At this point opening the email from Sent Emails and clicking "Recall Message" only takes a few seconds.

Recalling emails, by its very own nature is a race against time. There is no way to change that fact. In case a user does not immediately realize an error was committed, chances are that the end recipient opens the email. Unfortunately no software solution can change this fact. So at WinDeveloper we focused on the time window when recalling emails makes sense and have provided a solution that is predictable and can be relied on.


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