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Coming Up Next - WinDeveloper OWA Recall!

The year is almost over and it is time for us to announce our planned releases for next year. Last year we started with a major release for IMF Tune and the first release of WinDeveloper Message Recall. We plan to continue working in the same direction. In 2012 you can expect to see two major releases from us, one for each of WinDeveloper IMF Tune and WinDeveloper Message Recall.

We will start the New Year with WinDeveloper Message Recall v2.0 that will introduce the new OWA Recall extension. WinDeveloper will be the first to bring the ability to recall emails directly from OWA.

So far OWA users simply couldn't recall emails sent in error. The official HOWTOs would simply tell you to open the Microsoft Office Outlook to do that. This of course didn't make much sense, especially for the many users for whom OWA is the primary or the only mailbox interface.

All this will change with the next WinDeveloper Message Recall release. Users will have the 'Recall This Message' functionality readily available from OWA. Furthermore they will have our proven WinDeveloper Message Recall engine at the backend to fulfil recall requests. So users will have the peace of mind that their errors can be quietly corrected without the recipients ever knowing.

Stay tuned for more on this and best wishes for the festive season from WinDeveloper Software!


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