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IMF Tune - Bringing Back the Exchange Connection Filter
IMF Tune - Bringing Back the Exchange Connection Filter

WinDeveloper Urges Hardening Anti-Spam Protection with the Intelligent Message Filter

Valletta, Malta - (Mar 07, 2006) - WinDeveloper Software - WinDeveloper just announced the release of a technical whitepaper analyzing how to best adopt the Microsoft Intelligent Message Filter at organizations where other anti-spam solutions are already deployed.

WinDeveloper Software develops IMF Tune, a product that builds on top of the Intelligent Message Filter, transforming it into a complete, first class anti-spam solution. Based on a recent survey run across their customers, WinDeveloper analyzed the adoption of the Intelligent Message Filter (IMF) at various organizations.

Stephanie Farrugia, WinDeveloper Sales and Marketing Manager, described how their research triggered the authoring of this whitepaper: "It was immediately striking to see the variety of setups where the Intelligent Message Filter is being adopted. Some organizations are very happy to rely completely on IMF. Others who had already invested in third party solutions achieved excellent results by adding IMF to their spam filtering setup."

Since its inclusion in Service Pack 2, IMF is readily available on each Exchange 2003 server. The new IMF version has been greatly improved, is easy to configure and completely free. Stephanie sees this as an excellent opportunity for Exchange users, "Other vendors are charging big money for the same functionality. IMF is natively integrated into Exchange and its adoption cannot be any simpler."

Through IMF Tune, WinDeveloper is also encouraging the integration of other third party solutions into Exchange. In an earlier whitepaper, WinDeveloper described how filters running on any platform, on firewall appliances, and even at external service providers can be easily Exchange integrated. Indeed integration is seen to be the key to effective anti-spam protection. As the Head Developer Alexander Zammit explained, "Integration is even more critical when anti-spam filters from different vendors are adopted. IMF Tune here becomes the key to ensure a consistent user experience."

In line with this, WinDeveloper also released another case study showing how more organizations are adopting IMF as an additional spam filtering layer. The study illustrates a setup where spam filters running on Red Hat Enterprise where combined to the Intelligent Message Filter and the Outlook 2003 client side filtering, reducing spam at the Inbox to negligible levels.

For a copy of the whitepaper, case study and further information, visit the WinDeveloper web site at From here a 30 day free IMF Tune evaluation version is also available for download.

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