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IMF Tune - Bringing Back the Exchange Connection Filter
IMF Tune - Bringing Back the Exchange Connection Filter

New IMF Tune Build Focuses on Performance

A new IMF Tune v6.1 build is available for download.

This build is not introducing any new features. Instead we decided to focus on the engine performance. In the last few months we reviewed the IMF Tune engine code and looked for ways to make it process emails faster.

We are very happy with the results. Today IMF Tune is able to handle a processing rate of 120 emails/second.

In this exercise we worked with a number of large installations running IMF Tune unlimited mailbox licenses. This allowed us to factor in real live configurations and real live email loads.

The performance of a software product certainly depends on the raw power of the hardware and the utilization factor of the available resources. Since IMF Tune is installed on Exchange Transport servers, it also has to contend for resources with other applications. So getting the thumbs up from live installations was an important requirement.

Note: This build has been available for download for the last 3 weeks. If IMF Tune was recently downloaded, check if you already have the latest build as explained below under 'Version Information'.



The IMF Tune v6.1 server can be installed directly on top of IMF Tune v4/v5/v6 installations. This allows the installation to convert all configuration settings automatically. Earlier IMF Tune versions can be upgraded by uninstalling the older release and installing version 6.1 to the same disk location. For a detailed discussion of all possible upgrading/migration scenarios please refer to Upgrading/Migrating to IMF Tune v6.x.



All new IMF Tune licenses include 1 year Maintenance. No new license is required for IMF Tune v6.1 if currently running IMF Tune v6.x and one of these conditions is satisfied

  • IMF Tune was ordered within the last 12 calendar months OR
  • Maintenance was renewed and was valid up to or beyond 1st April 2013


Version Information

This information applies to IMF Tune v6.1 build number If IMF Tune is already installed you can verify the current build number from the configuration interface.

In IMF Tune v3 and earlier the build number is available at the Configuration | WinDeveloper category.

In IMF Tune v4 and later the build number is available at the Configuration | Miscellaneous category.


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