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IMF Tune - Bringing Back the Exchange Connection Filter
IMF Tune - Bringing Back the Exchange Connection Filter

Changes in IMF Tune v2.8 Beta 2

March 15, 2006

On Monday 13th March, IMF Tune v2.8 Beta 2 was released for public download. This replaces the earlier Beta 1 release, providing some important fixes and functionality improvements. Because of these changes all users running earlier IMF Tune v2.8 releases (see versioning details) are encouraged to upgrade.

We are seeing this build as a good candidate for final release, which is targeted for end of this month.


FIX - A problem within IMF Tune (Keydict.dll) could interrupt email processing for a short span of time

This problem can be triggered when handling emails with fairly large email bodies (more than 10Kb) together with specific white/black list keyword combinations.

This interruption can cause a slow down in email flow and/or a failure to apply some of the keywords white/black lists for a short time span.

Note that this problem is only present in IMF Tune v2.8 Beta 1.


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FIX - IMF Tune keyword expression handling may fail to detect changes in SCL Management configuration

In certain cases IMF Tune may fail to apply changes in SCL Management configuration. The problem exhibits itself on deleting Keyword-to-SCL mappings in certain setups.

This may in turn lead IMF Tune to keep on enforcing mappings that were removed from the configuration. The problem may persist also after a number of hours from the configuration change.

Note that this problem is only present in IMF Tune v2.8 Beta 1.


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Changes in Punctuation Handling within Keyword Expressions

In earlier v2.8 builds, on configuring keyword expressions, punctuation marks were automatically stripped unless put within double quotes. After analyzing the feedback received we concluded that this was causing confusion.

The problem was most common on configuring expressions for looking up IP addresses or email addresses. In these cases the period (.) character would have been stripped unless enclosed in double-quotes.

In the new version, IMF Tune v2.8 does not strip any punctuation marks. Although this should facilitate expression entry, one should avoid use of punctuation when not a key element within the data to be matched. This is especially true when expressions are matched against the email subject or bodies. Whenever applying expressions against other headers the use of punctuation is often required by the header formatting rules and thus an integral part of the data to be matched.


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Extended Syntax Support for Sender/Recipient Email Address Matching

Whenever configuring sender or recipient addresses under the white/black list configuration or under SCL Management, the following format was required:

In this build the following format is also supported:

In this case this is automatically converted to *@something instead of being rejected as invalid. This is especially useful when importing addresses.


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Support for ImportReport.log whenever Importing Email Addresses or Keywords into IMF Tune

IMF Tune enables the import of addresses and keywords into the various white/black lists. The import process includes a validation procedure that could reject some of the entries being imported. As from this update, whenever importing, the ImportReport.log file will be generated. This file will be overwritten on each import and located in the IMF Tune main program directory.

The log file will show how each of the imported entries was handled and whether or not the entry was rejected due to validation reasons.


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Configuration Import Unicode Support

The IMF Tune configuration import functionality had no Unicode support. This update adds some basic Unicode support. Specifically files only containing characters within the ASCII set, but Unicode encoded, are now supported.

Other Unicode files containing characters from sets not represented in the ASCII set are not supported. The configuration will detect these files and return an appropriate failure response.


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Version Information

To check if you already have IMF Tune v2.8 Beta 2, open the configuration and select the WinDeveloper category. If the build number shown matches then there is no need to upgrade.


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