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IMF Tune - Bringing Back the Exchange Connection Filter
IMF Tune - Bringing Back the Exchange Connection Filter

New IMF Tune Licensing Options

September 19, 2007

WinDeveloper just announced the availability of various new IMF Tune licensing options. This couples the advancements in the latest version 3 release and the on-going product development.

IMF Tune is now available in five different license levels based on the number of mailboxes being serviced. With this change, licensing will more closely reflect the type of organization where IMF Tune is being installed.

Different licenses are now available for organizations servicing 30, 50, 100, 200 and over 200 (unlimited) mailboxes.

With this change we are lowering the price for small organizations in the bracket between 30 and 50 mailboxes. A 50 mailbox single server license is now priced $225, a reduction of $90 when compared to the previous licensing system.

Multiple server discounts, is another area where we made significant changes. Previously we had two discount levels for 4 and 10 servers. We are now making these discounts more accessible by lowering these levels as follows:
3 servers - 15 % discount
5 servers - 25 % discount

Full pricing details are available from the IMF Tune Order/Pricing page.

Discounts until 28th September!!

Until 28th September we are offering over 50% discount on the unlimited mailbox license. This is discounted to $315 from the full price of $695.

Similarly we are discounting the price for the IMF Tune v2.x to v3.0 unlimited mailbox upgrade. This is discounted to $210 from the full price of $430.

Anyone currently evaluating IMF Tune should consider placing the order immediately. If you are still running IMF Tune v2.x this is a great upgrade opportunity.

New IMF Tune Build

Support for the new licensing options requires IMF Tune v3.0 build number (or later). If IMF Tune is already installed you can verify the current build number from the configuration under the WinDeveloper category.

Follow this link to download the latest build.


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