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IMF Tune - Bringing Back the Exchange Connection Filter
IMF Tune - Bringing Back the Exchange Connection Filter

Upgrading/Migrating to IMF Tune v5.5

The IMF Tune v5.5 installation is made up of two components:

  1. IMF Tune Server for Exchange 2003, 2007 and 2010.
  2. IMF Tune Moderator/Reporting Web Interface

Version 5.5 is the first release introducing the Web interface component. This is an optional component. In fact IMF Tune can be run without it ever being installed, but of course we would be missing all the functionality this interface delivers.

Rendering the web component optional gives us a lot of flexibility at installation time, especially when performing an upgrade or migration. Here we can simply focus on upgrading/migrating the IMF Tune server. Completing this step, we have a fully functional IMF Tune delivering all the features included in earlier releases. The Web component installation can be completed later, without causing any disruption.

If running an earlier IMF Tune release, a complete upgrade would involve:

  1. Upgrade/Migrate the IMF Tune Server
  2. Fresh installation of the Web Component

In this document we cover the first step. For details on installing the Web component please refer to Installing IMF Tune v5.5 Moderator/Reporting.


Upgrade/Migrate the IMF Tune Server

Upgrading to IMF Tune server v5.5 may involve an in-place upgrade or a move to new server hardware. This is especially true because IMF Tune v5.5 supports all of Exchange 2003, 2007 and 2010. Since Exchange version upgrades require migration to new hardware, IMF Tune would also need to move along.

This document considers different upgrade scenarios and describes how to upgrade whilst retaining the configuration settings of earlier IMF Tune installations. In all, the following scenarios are considered:


In-Place Upgrade from IMF Tune v2.x/v3.x

When installing IMF Tune v5.5 on a machine where IMF Tune v2.x/v3.x is already installed, follow these steps in order to retain your current configuration settings.

  1. From the Control Panel Add/Remove Programs applet, uninstall the current IMF Tune build.

  2. Restart the IIS Admin service.

  3. Install the latest build to the same disk location where the previous build was installed. IMF Tune will automatically adopt the configuration of the previous installation.


In-Place Upgrade from IMF Tune v4.x/v5.x

When upgrading from earlier IMF Tune v4/v5 builds, start by downloading the latest IMF Tune v5.5 build from the WinDeveloper Software site. Run the installation on the machine where IMF Tune v4/v5 is currently installed. The setup will automatically detect the installed build and guide you through the upgrade procedure.


Moving any IMF Tune version to IMF Tune v5.5 on a New Machine

When moving IMF Tune to a new machine we have two options for preserving the configuration settings. The first option is that of moving the configuration files manually and then let the installation do any upgrading. The second involves performing a configuration backup on the current server and a restore on the new machine.

Manually Moving Settings

This method is very useful since it only requires the availability of the IMF Tune configuration files from the old IMF Tune server machine. In case of disaster recovery, all we need is access to the HDD of the machine being replaced.

IMF Tune v5.5 will automatically upgrade the configuration settings of earlier releases when found on the local machine at installation time. To benefit from this automatic upgrade we need to first move the configuration of earlier IMF Tune versions to the new machine as follows:

  1. If IMF Tune v5.5 was already installed on the new destination machine, uninstall this and delete the IMF Tune application directory.

  2. On the destination machine create the following directory:
    <Program Files>\WinDeveloper IMF Tune

  3. On the source machine running the old IMF Tune server locate the following directories:
    <Source Machine IMF Tune dir.>\config
    <Source Machine IMF Tune dir.>\configv3
    <Source Machine IMF Tune dir.>\configv4
    <Source Machine IMF Tune dir.>\configv5

    NOTE: Depending on your IMF Tune installation history some of these directories may not be present.

  4. Copy these directories and all files within them to the destination machine under:
    <Program Files>\WinDeveloper IMF Tune

  5. On the destination machine install IMF Tune v5.5.


Moving Settings with a Backup-Restore Cycle

This method can be employed if the old IMF Tune server is still up and running. In this case we rely on the Backup/Restore Wizard included with IMF Tune v5.5. Here are the steps:

  1. Upgrade the old IMF Tune server to version 5.5. Here, depending on your old IMF Tune version, follow the relevant procedure: In-Place Upgrade from IMF Tune v2.x/v3.x or In-Place Upgrade from IMF Tune v4.x/v5.x.

    Note: The Backup/Restore wizard will still work even if we don't license the server being decommissioned.

  2. On the old IMF Tune server machine, from the IMF Tune application program group, run the Backup/Restore wizard. Select the Backup option and follow the wizard steps to create a configuration backup (*.ibak) file.

  3. If you didn't do so already, install IMF Tune v5.5 on the new server machine.

  4. Transfer the configuration backup file created in step 2 to the new server.

  5. On the new server run the Backup/Restore Wizard in Restore mode. Just make sure to:

    • Select the *.ibak backup file at the Restore Source step
    • Select 'Restore all settings' at the Restore Items step
    • Select 'Automatically adjust file paths if replicating settings across servers' at the Restore Options step

Note: The Backup/Restore Wizard can only be used when moving configurations across IMF Tune installations running the same version.


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