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IMF Tune - Bringing Back the Exchange Connection Filter
IMF Tune - Bringing Back the Exchange Connection Filter

Changing the Moderator/Reporting Date and Time formats

The IMF Tune Moderator/Reporting Web Component displays date and time information in various parts of the interface. Different countries have differing methods for formatting such information. For example in US the short date format used is M/d/yyyy. In the UK the format dd/MM/yyyy is used instead.

The Web Component fixes the format to be used for displaying time information at installation time. This format may not be the one in use in your region. In that case, follow the procedure presented here to change it.


Moderator/Reporting Date and Time Information

The Web Interface displays time information in various locations. In one occasion, Filtering of Emails by date, it also requires the input of dates for identifying the set of emails to display. Here are some screenshots showing a few examples:

Moderator Email List

Filtering Emails by Date

General Spam Detection Report


Changing the Date/Time Format

WARNING: The following procedure requires you to edit an XML configuration file. This should be carried out by an administrator having the necessary expertise. Carrying out the procedure incorrectly may cause the Web Component to stop functioning.

To begin we first need to identify the culture id that best represents our region. Please refer to the table that follows. For example the code for US is en-US and is shown here listed as English - United States. Copy the culture id code exactly as shown. We will need this when completing the configuration procedure.

Language-Country/Region Culture Name
Afrikaans - South Africa af-ZA
Albanian - Albania sq-AL
Arabic - Algeria ar-DZ
Arabic - Bahrain ar-BH
Arabic - Egypt ar-EG
Arabic - Iraq ar-IQ
Arabic - Jordan ar-JO
Arabic - Kuwait ar-KW
Arabic - Lebanon ar-LB
Arabic - Libya ar-LY
Arabic - Morocco ar-MA
Arabic - Oman ar-OM
Arabic - Qatar ar-QA
Arabic - Saudi Arabia ar-SA
Arabic - Syria ar-SY
Arabic - Tunisia ar-TN
Arabic - United Arab Emirates ar-AE
Arabic - Yemen ar-YE
Armenian - Armenia hy-AM
Basque - Basque eu-ES
Belarusian - Belarus be-BY
Bulgarian - Bulgaria bg-BG
Catalan - Catalan ca-ES
Chinese - Hong Kong SAR zh-HK
Chinese - Macau SAR zh-MO
Chinese - China zh-CN
Chinese - Singapore zh-SG
Chinese - Taiwan zh-TW
Croatian - Croatia hr-HR
Czech - Czech Republic cs-CZ
Danish - Denmark da-DK
Dutch - Belgium nl-BE
Dutch - The Netherlands nl-NL
English - Australia en-AU
English - Belize en-BZ
English - Canada en-CA
English - Caribbean en-CB
English - Ireland en-IE
English - Jamaica en-JM
English - New Zealand en-NZ
English - Philippines en-PH
English - South Africa en-ZA
English - Trinidad and Tobago en-TT
English - United Kingdom en-GB
English - United States en-US
English - Zimbabwe en-ZW
Estonian - Estonia et-EE
Faroese - Faroe Islands fo-FO
Farsi - Iran fa-IR
Finnish - Finland fi-FI
French - Belgium fr-BE
French - Canada fr-CA
French - France fr-FR
French - Luxembourg fr-LU
French - Monaco fr-MC
French - Switzerland fr-CH
Galician - Galician gl-ES
Georgian - Georgia ka-GE
German - Austria de-AT
German - Germany de-DE
German - Liechtenstein de-LI
German - Luxembourg de-LU
German - Switzerland de-CH
Greek - Greece el-GR
Gujarati - India gu-IN
Hebrew - Israel he-IL
Hindi - India hi-IN
Hungarian - Hungary hu-HU
Icelandic - Iceland is-IS
Indonesian - Indonesia id-ID
Italian - Italy it-IT
Italian - Switzerland it-CH
Japanese - Japan ja-JP
Kannada - India kn-IN
Kazakh - Kazakhstan kk-KZ
Korean - Korea ko-KR
Kyrgyz - Kazakhstan ky-KZ
Latvian - Latvia lv-LV
Lithuanian - Lithuania lt-LT
Macedonian - FYROM mk-MK
Malay - Brunei ms-BN
Malay - Malaysia ms-MY
Marathi - India mr-IN
Mongolian - Mongolia mn-MN
Norwegian (Bokml) - Norway nb-NO
Norwegian (Nynorsk) - Norway nn-NO
Polish - Poland pl-PL
Portuguese - Brazil pt-BR
Portuguese - Portugal pt-PT
Punjabi - India pa-IN
Romanian - Romania ro-RO
Russian - Russia ru-RU
Sanskrit - India sa-IN
Slovak - Slovakia sk-SK
Slovenian - Slovenia sl-SI
Spanish - Argentina es-AR
Spanish - Bolivia es-BO
Spanish - Chile es-CL
Spanish - Colombia es-CO
Spanish - Costa Rica es-CR
Spanish - Dominican Republic es-DO
Spanish - Ecuador es-EC
Spanish - El Salvador es-SV
Spanish - Guatemala es-GT
Spanish - Honduras es-HN
Spanish - Mexico es-MX
Spanish - Nicaragua es-NI
Spanish - Panama es-PA
Spanish - Paraguay es-PY
Spanish - Peru es-PE
Spanish - Puerto Rico es-PR
Spanish - Spain es-ES
Spanish - Uruguay es-UY
Spanish - Venezuela es-VE
Swahili - Kenya sw-KE
Swedish - Finland sv-FI
Swedish - Sweden sv-SE
Tamil - India ta-IN
Tatar - Russia tt-RU
Telugu - India te-IN
Thai - Thailand th-TH
Turkish - Turkey tr-TR
Ukrainian - Ukraine uk-UA
Urdu - Pakistan ur-PK
Vietnamese - Vietnam vi-VN

Once we identify the appropriate country code we can proceed with the configuration procedure:

  1. Browse to the following directory under the IMF Tune Moderator/Reporting installation directory:
    <Program Files>\WinDeveloper IMF Tune Moderator\www

  2. Locate the XML configuration file named web.config

  3. Make a backup copy of this file so as to be able to restore the original in case of problems.

  4. Open web.config in notepad or even better in an editor dedicated for XML editing.

  5. Locate the globalization XML element shown boxed in red. Here we need to edit the culture attribute value. Below this is shown underlined yellow: culture="en-GB".


  6. We now have to replace the attribute value to the one identifying our country/region. So in case of US we would change this to culture="en-US".

  7. Save changes.

    IMPORTANT: It is important to save the file in UTF-8 so as to retain the original file encoding. In notepad you can select the encoding format at the bottom of the "Save As..." dialog.

    Save As UTF-8

  8. If you are currently logged on to the Moderator/Reporting interface, logout and close the browser. Re-open the browser and logon to the Web interface again. All date/time information should now be shown in the format defined for your region.

    NOTE: In case the moderator fails immediately on entering the login URL, it is very likely that the web.config file was not correctly edited. In that case restore the original web.config using the backup created in step 3. You may then retry the procedure.


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