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IMF Tune - Bringing Back the Exchange Connection Filter
IMF Tune - Bringing Back the Exchange Connection Filter

Anti-Spam Quarantine and Reporting for Microsoft Exchange

Valletta, Malta - (Sep 21, 2010) - WinDeveloper Software just announced the release of IMF Tune version 5.5. This introduces a new web based quarantine and reporting interface, improving further the effectiveness of this spam filtering solution.

Alexander Zammit, WinDeveloper Technical Director, underlines the goals of this release. "Many spam vendors claim very high filtering rates, without giving the opportunity to actually verify what is being blocked. Our philosophy is diametrically opposite. We want the users to be in control. The quarantine and reports provide a wide open window on what the filter is doing."

The interface has been specifically designed to handle thousands of spam emails, reflecting today's spam load realities. For this reason an MS SQL server is used as a backend. The interface also provides filtering functionality tailor-made for dealing with spam.

Any email can be quarantined even if blocked with an SMTP rejection. As Alexander explains, "there is a widespread myth that rejected emails cannot be quarantined. Of course IMF Tune users are perfectly aware this is not the case."

The latest release supports all Microsoft Exchange server versions in mainstream use including Exchange 2003, 2007, and 2010. IMF Tune integrates with the Exchange 2003 Intelligent Message Filter (IMF) and the Exchange 2007/2010 Content Filter. This tandem delivers a feature rich, cost effective anti-spam solution.

The Exchange 2007/2010 Content Filter provides a built-in quarantine option. However this stores spam in a regular mailbox and emails are moderated using Outlook. Working with tens of quarantines quickly becomes impossible. "Unless the quarantine is coupled with an interface that empowers you to effectively work with thousands of emails an Administrator will never be able to truly review what is being blocked.", Alexander explains. "Being designed from the ground up to host spam is what makes our Quarantine interface so effective."

Apart for the Quarantine, the new component also introduces various reports computed in real time. The General Reports give an excellent overall picture of the filtering performance through bar charts and line graphs. The Detailed Reports give more specific information, such as the top list of spam sender IPs, the list of mailboxes receiving most spam etc.

All this functionality is coupled with a highly flexible access control system. Regular users may be granted access only to their own emails, whereas administrators may retain access to all emails and reports, fulfilling their role as a central email management contact.

More information is available from the WinDeveloper web site at From here a 30 day free evaluation version is available for download.

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