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IMF Tune - Bringing Back the Exchange Connection Filter
IMF Tune - Bringing Back the Exchange Connection Filter

IMF Tune v7 Release Status & DNS URI Filtering

Now that IMF Tune v7 has been available as beta for some weeks here is a little status update. Today we have details on a new highly requested feature and information about a known issue with the current version 7 build.

We are very happy with the overwhelming positive feedback received. A good number of you have been running v7 on their servers for over a month now. During this time no major problems were identified.


IMF Tune v7 DNS URI Filtering

We are currently working on more IMF Tune features. Specifically we will include DNS URI filtering in the final IMF Tune v7 release.

With this feature IMF Tune will dig links from the message body and submit them to the DNS URI Block list of your choice. These lists are very effective in blocking emails that contain malicious links or link to sites known to be affiliated to spammers.

We are at a good point with this feature, but still need to polish it a bit more. Our plan is to have a new build available in July/August.


Known Issue

We do have a known issue which did not merit releasing a new v7 build.

The problem only concerns configurations where DNS IP Filtering is the only filtering feature enabled. In this case, DNS Filtering will stay off even though the configuration shows the filter as enabled.

In other words if all IMF Tune allow/block lists and SCL Rules are disabled then DNS IP Filtering gets disabled too. Such a configuration is not very common. Hence we decided to include this fix with the next IMF Tune v7 build instead of making a new release just to fix this issue.

If you happen to run into this problem enable one of the IMF Tune allow/block lists and add one entry. You may use a phrase that no email would ever match. For example under the Subject Block list add the following phrase: "Wakeup_IMFTune_DNS_Filtering". Such an entry would not match any emails but would solve the DNS Filtering problem.


Feedback Please

In the meantime do continue returning us feedback. This will help us ensure IMF Tune v7 is meeting your expectations.


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