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IMF Tune - Bringing Back the Exchange Connection Filter
IMF Tune - Bringing Back the Exchange Connection Filter

IMF Tune v8 Subscription Licensing Model

IMF Tune v8 will see a significant change in its licensing model. With this release we are switching to an on-premises subscription model.

This means that all licenses will have a usage period attached to them. Whenever a license is renewed we will issue a new license key that extends the usage period.

Licensing in IMF Tune v7 is made up of an initial license and yearly Maintenance renewals. Maintenance entitled users to technical support and product updates. This meant that without Maintenance users were not licensed to install product updates.

We will be doing away with all of this in IMF Tune v8. Licenses will have a clear usage period that will be shown at the configuration under the Licensing category. Every current license is entitled to support and updates. So our support will no longer need to check whether or not a client is entitled to support.

An IMF Tune v8 installation with an expired subscription will simply not process any emails. It will act as if IMF Tune is not installed leaving all emails through unfiltered.


The Next Steps

In the coming weeks we will start sending out IMF Tune v8 license keys. These will have a usage period matching the current Maintenance expiry.

We will also replace our Maintenance renewal notifications with subscription renewal notifications. We send these notifications to the email addresses registered with us on receiving the IMF Tune license order.

All those wanting to avail themselves of our subscription renewal reminders should make sure to keep the license contact information up-to-date. Contact information can be updated by emailing directly.


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