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IMF Tune - Bringing Back the Exchange Connection Filter
IMF Tune - Bringing Back the Exchange Connection Filter

IMF Tune Sender Auto-Whitelisting Update is On the Way

Testing on the next IMF Tune update is progressing well and we would like to share details on the most significant improvement. We are focusing on sender auto-whitelisting AWL, one of the features many of you love and would also love to see improved.

As from the next update, AWL will no longer be limited to whitelisting! Instead we will be able to choose any SCL change action, including the ability to apply an SCL decrement operation.

This change has been requested multiple times, especially because it gives us the opportunity to transform the AWL into a low priority whitelist. In IMF Tune whitelisting takes top priority and overrides blacklists and rules that would lead to a spam classification. This is not the case with a low priority whitelist.

Setting up a Low Priority Whitelist in IMF Tune discusses low priority whitelists for SCL Rules in detail. With the new AWL it will be possible to configure a "decrement by" operation just like for SCL Rules and hence allowing for a low priority AWL.

The next IMF Tune update is planned for release around end of August beginning of September. Be the first to know when this update is available by following us on Facebook or Twitter.


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