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IMF Tune - Bringing Back the Exchange Connection Filter
IMF Tune - Bringing Back the Exchange Connection Filter

IMF Tune v5.5 Final Release

IMF Tune v5.5 Final Release is here!

The Release Candidate build successfully passed all testing and is being classified as Final. We are retaining the same build ( that was made available last July as the Final Release. Thus if you already installed the Release Candidate there is no need to upgrade. Otherwise go ahead and start downloading IMF Tune v5.5 now!

We updated all documentation and introduced a new guide dedicated to the Quarantine/Reporting Interface which is the main addition introduced in this release. The new guide is a good starting point for those already experienced in IMF Tune. Those discovering IMF Tune for the first time should instead start from the main IMF Tune Server Guide.

Below are some links to get you started. Also keep an eye on our video tutorial section since we have a new video series on the way.

IMF Tune v5.5 Download

What's New in IMF Tune v5.5

IMF Tune Server Guide

IMF Tune Moderator/Reporting Guide


The IMF Tune v5.5 server can be installed directly on top of IMF Tune v5.x and v4.x installations. This allows the installation to convert all configuration settings automatically. Earlier IMF Tune versions can be upgraded by uninstalling the older release and installing version 5.5 to the same disk location. For a detailed discussion of all possible upgrading/migration scenarios please refer to Upgrading/Migrating to IMF Tune v5.5.

Version Information

This information applies to IMF Tune v5.5 build number If IMF Tune is already installed you can verify the current build number from the configuration interface.

In IMF Tune v3 and earlier the build number is available under the WinDeveloper category.

In IMF Tune v4 and later the build number is available under the Miscellaneous category.


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