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IMF Tune - Bringing Back the Exchange Connection Filter
IMF Tune - Bringing Back the Exchange Connection Filter

IMF Tune v2.8 Final Release

April 03, 2006

IMF Tune v2.8 Final Release is now available. This update is free to all licensed IMF Tune v2.x users.

IMF Tune now allows setting up white/black lists and SCL Management mappings against email bodies and the combined subject/body information. The content matching engine was upgraded to support the use of AND, OR, NOT, operators and double quotes. Better tracking of configuration changes is now possible through Administrative Notes. Other improvements include various configuration user interface enhancements, improved address/keyword import support and faster adoption of configuration changes. For complete details on what's new, check the links below.

Since v2.8 beta 2 no new fixes were added. Indeed the binaries are identical. For this reason the final release retained the same build number Thus users of beta 2 are not required to upgrade.

The only change since beta 2 was the inclusion of the new user manual. This has been largely revised. It now includes detailed documentation on all the new functionality that was previously missing. The user manual format also changed and is now in PDF rather than CHM. See the links below to download the latest user manual.

To check if upgrading to the final v2.8 build is necessary, verify the currently installed build number from the configuration WinDeveloper category. If the build number shown matches, then there is no need to upgrade. In this case just make sure you have the latest PDF user manual.

Changes released with IMF Tune v2.8 beta 1

Changes released with IMF Tune v2.8 beta 2

IMF Tune v2.8 User Manual

IMF Tune v2.8 Final Release Build


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